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The increase in volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) in today’s world means there is no longer one approach to management that can be applied to all organizations and work environments. Leaders must adjust their leadership strategies to be more flexible and adapt to a variety of challenges and situations.

In this context, the Division for Multilateral Diplomacy of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and the Universidad Europea de Valencia jointly developed a unique Master’s Programme in “International Leadership and Negotiation" launched in October 2021. The one-year programme is designed to prepare students to lead global initiatives for change and provide them with the necessary negotiation skills to positively impact their organization and environment. By examining the essential professional qualities needed to sustain the world of multilateral diplomacy, students will be enabled to develop their own leadership styles, to negotiate successfully, and to interact with emerging leaders from all over the world.

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Learning Objectives

The main objective of this exceptional Master’s Programme is to prepare students for leading roles in international public and private organizations by equipping them with the key competencies in leadership and negotiation.

When receiving the UNITAR – UEV Master’s Degree in International Leadership and Negotiation, students will, among other things, be able to:

  • Own their personal and cultural leadership style by maximizing their unique strengths;
  • Apply skills, techniques, and practices to break through negotiation deadlocks and create mutual gain in any negotiation context;
  • Gain understanding of the complexity involved in coordination and stakeholder engagement in different social, political and cultural contexts
  • Apply public speaking, presentation, speechwriting, and reporting techniques, – including preparation, structure, and delivery;
  • Demonstrate the ability to use voice and words to effect when giving presentations: wording, diction, intonation, rhythm, and pacing.

More Information

In case of any questions, kindly contact us at reem.katrib@unitar.org

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