2 May 2013, Geneva, Switzerland - Working in the UN – or any other large organization – creates social and institutional pressure which may negatively affect one’s self-esteem. This type of pressure may shape the way we behave, causing us to lose touch with our innate strengths, capacities, and even purposes. This fact was the point of departure for a workshop organized for delegates of UN Member States’ Permanent Missions and international civil servants in Geneva last month.

The overall aim of the workshop was to contribute to the creation of a more powerful, fulfilled, and effective UN work-force. Through the use of experiential methods, the workshop allowed for participants to ‘take their lid off’ and recognize their personal leadership strengths. The workshop provided the participants with the opportunity to build skills in leadership, communication and personal impact in the workplace. It was designed to put the participants in touch with their unique passions and visions. This aimed to strengthen the participants’ capacities to overcome challenges in the workplace and create the impact they desire.

Experiential learning was an important part of the workshop and included group exercises, discussions, indoor and outdoor activities, as well as personalised feedback from the resource persons and other participants. This created an excellent atmosphere and as one participants expressed: “This is a different and very effective way of learning.”

The evaluations collected after the workshop were a good indication of the workshop’s overall success. One participant wrote: “Thank you very much for one of two most interactive courses I’ve done in my life/career to date and that will have a long-lasting positive impact on me.” The possibility to work with the theme of leadership and personal impact across different organizations was likewise very welcomed by the participants.

UNITAR looks forward to delivering more workshops on leadership and personal impact in the very near future. For further information about this workshop, please do not hesitate to contact UNITAR’s Multilateral Diplomacy Programme at diplomacy@unitar.org.