8 March 2017, Geneva, Switzreland - Two years ago, in March 2015, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) launched the Women’s Leadership Programme (WLP). Hand in hand with UN Women, and across the UN System, the WLP works with the mandate to strengthen skills, knowledge and capacities of government officials accredited to the United Nations entities as well as civil society.

“The Women’s Leadership Programme is driven by the fact that women’s equality and empowerment is good politics, good economics, good for social inclusion and an important way of ensuring peaceful and just societies”.

Nikhil Seth, UN Assistant Secretary-General and UNITAR Executive Director

On the International Women’s Day, UNITAR looks back on its achievements by sharing a video of the very first women’s leadership workshop held with the World Meteorological Organization on 6 June 2015. The workshop succeeded in providing a positive, empowering and engaging environment for learning, self-reflection and development, and the building of a strong network amongst female professionals.

To this day, the WLP implemented 11 activities, reaching over 400 delegates of permanent mission and partnered with 6 international organizations, including UN organizations. Such events have included women’s leadership workshops for women delegates, a “gender differences in negotiations” workshop for women and men delegates, as well as high-level panel discussions and networking receptions on women’s leadership. The feedback for the activities was extremely positive, and each event provided an empowering and engaging environment. The evaluation results emphasized the need and demand for more capacity building in women’s leadership and highly encouraged international organizations to consider organizing more extensive activities in the field of women’s leadership.

The WLP is a perfect opportunity for Member States, UN organizations and private sector companies to achieve their respective goals and commitments and work in partnership with UNITAR.

Achieve #genderequality: With new Trust Fund, Women's Leadership Programme (#WLP) aims to deliver training and awareness-raising activities to over 500 women in 2017/18

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For more information about the Women’s Leadership Programme, please contact Ms. Cremona : womensleadership@unitar.org.

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