19 – 27 August 2013, Musanze, Rwanda – UNITAR, in partnership with the Rwanda Peace Academy (RPA), is delivering a one-week long advanced training course on ‘Transitional Justice and Peacebuilding’, in the Rwanda Peace Academy premises in the city of Musanze, in the Namesake northern district of Rwanda.

The Training Course is developed by the UNITAR Peacekeeping Training Programme (PTP) and delivered by the Rwanda Peace Academy trainers. It is part of the “Enhancing the Capacity of African Peacekeeping Training Institutions” initiative, aimed at the improvement of skills and tools of the African governments and their national, sub-regional and continental institutions to deal with the all spectrum of tasks peace operations require.

This intensive course is introduced by a Training of Trainers (ToT) which has as an overall objective the building of capacities of the future trainers to design and deliver courses on peace operations in line with the UN guidelines and standards. Indeed, after the ToT – delivered by PTP staff – it is the RPA personnel and trainers that, with constant support from UNITAR staff, are actually delivering the Transitional Justice and Peacebuilding face-to-face course.

The field of Transitional Justice tackles most of the immense challenges peacebuilding actors have to face when assisting societies devastated by conflict or emerging from repressive rule. Transitional Justice, indeed, involves all the measures and mechanisms these societies need to put in place to re-establish the rule of law and confront a past of large-scale human rights violations. Consequently, since the first democratic transitions in South America and Eastern Europe during the 70’s, the subject of Transitional Justice witnessed an always increasing attention becoming, eventually, widespread. Simultaneously the need and the requests for training, knowledge and skills in this field have been growing considerably.

To this extent, this Transitional Justice and Peacebuilding course is developed and structured to define the broad concept of transitional justice and its role in peacebuilding contexts, articulate the reasons for taking a holistic approach to transitional justice, list and discuss the different transitional justice mechanisms and strategies using practical case examples and broad theories, relate transitional justice mechanisms to other peacebuilding activities and identify best practices, lessons learned and the way forward in transitional justice.

Both the ToT and the Transitional Justice and Peacebuilding course, as part of the “Enhancing the Capacity of African Peacekeeping Training Institutions” initiative of UNITAR PTP, bolster the Peacekeeping Training Programme mission to offer a systematic and comprehensive preparation to civilian, military and police personnel eager to serve in peacekeeping operations. This course, in particular, delivers innovative and result-oriented training and strengthens the knowledge and the skills of the personnel to be deployed in peacekeeping operations.