The Creativity for Development Initiative (Crea4Dev) is a project initiated by UNITAR that aims at creating a public-private partnership to develop capacities, enhance knowledge and build skills of policymakers, creative entrepreneurs and professionals, including artists engaged in creative economy.

Creative economy offers a way to build economic value to all countries with rich cultures and creative talent. The world demand for creative goods and services has grown fast, remaining strong throughout the last decade. Through its initiative, UNITAR's goal is to act as a knowledge broker, establishing new relationships between countries, leading to business opportunities, solidarity and an improvement of regional integration and cooperation.

To achieve this, the Institute will develop learning products covering the importance of creative economy, creative industries and cultural entrepreneurship, strengthening of networks, and awareness rasing tailored to policy makers and creative entrepreneurs.


Methodological Approach

UNITAR offers expertise on methodological approaches. Activities will be developed with a blend of learning technologies and supported by quality assurance and certification. Design methods will cater for a holistic learning process combining knowledge (know-what); skills (know-how); and attitudes (know-why).


Knowledge: mastery of creative economy to enable innovative approaches to shape creative economy policies, through an enhanced understanding of local and international issues and market trends in the sector;

Skills: development of advanced skills and the ability to translate knowledge into effective execution, including through creative entrepreneurship, arts management, and to use ICT tools to facilitate the creation and distribution of creative content;

Attitudes: through a deep knowledge of the web of relationships underlying the creative economy enable critical and reflective thinking to develop the sector, supporting a shared vision that creates value, promoting cultural diversity and socioeconomic development.

Proposed Activities

UNITAR's Creativity for Development Initiative aims to deliver 5 activities:

1. Transformative Dialogues on Creative Economy

The transformative dialogues will create the space for extensive conversations among policymakers, private sector, civil society, and independent professionals. It will provide opportunities for the various actors to have a greater understanding of creative economy issues and to shape innovative approaches to strengthen the sector. Inter and intra-disciplinary actions are essential to enhance the socioeconomic dimension of creative economy.


2. Transformative Development Strategies on Creative Economy

The cross-cutting nature of the creative economy requires innovative approaches, calling for concerted multi-actor and multi-disciplinary actions. Policymakers will be empowered to design transformative development strategies to integrate creative economy into national plans for development gains. Governments will be assisted with a view to putting in place policies, regulations and institutional mechanisms needed to optimize the socio-economic potential of the creative sector for job creation, trade expansion, innovation and social inclusion. 

3. Workshop on Creative Entrepreneurship

Participants will be provided with opportunities to enhance their entrepreneurship capacities, optimizing the potential of their creative products and services. The Workshop will be based on a blend of learning methods, combining different approaches. It will focus on participatory activity-oriented learning, and will integrate relevant case-studies and role play.

4. Online Course on Creativity & Creative Economy

The course will focus on promoting a broad understanding of creative economy as centred on the productive, creative, and innovative capacities of societies. Participants will be sensitized about the value of culture and creativity, as well as about elements of the creative economy that can contribute to a culture of innovation such as entrepreneurship, tolerance to failure, creative thinking, design methods, curiosity, ability to deal with uncertainties and thoughtful risk-taking.

5. Online Course on Creative Entrepreneurship

The course will develop skills on creative entrepreneurship and equip creative entrepreneurs to establish and nurture their businesses (micro and/or SMEs) as well as to develop capacities on creativity and innovation. It will particularly target youth and women entrepreneurs. As a result, participants should be able to develop their own sustainable business model within their surrounding creative economy.

6. Open Knowledge & Digital Storytelling Platform

The Open Knowledge & Digital Storytelling Platform (OKDSP) will tap on crowdsourcing tools and methodologies to collect, aggregate and disseminate knowledge on creative economy. A wealth of information is available on creative economy, but this information often does not reach stakeholders in formats that are easy to understand or to use. The digital platform will bridge this gap. 

Partners and sources of funding

UNITAR is a project-based organization, supported by intergovernmental organizations and other non-governmental sources such as foundations and the private sector.

The Institute is seeking donors and strategic partners, within and outside the UN system, as well as public and private entities, for funding this multi-agency initiative, which may be entirely or partially funded through allotments earmarked for selected activities.

List of partners of the Creative Economy Initative

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