Master in Conflict, Peace and Security




Violent conflicts and wars have been recurrent throughout history, millions of individuals are affected on a daily basis. From increased insecurity, to economic instability and the collapse of law and order, the effects of conflict at the local, national, regional and international levels are devastating.

Built on the expertise of UNITAR and the Univeristat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), the Master in Conflict, Peace and Security represents a unique opportunity to professionals working within the framework of international and regional organizations, as well as governmental and non-governmental institutions to examine conflicts in all of their dimensions and to explore innovative approaches for conflict management, conflict resolution and conflict transformation, through a network of world-leading academics and experts. The master degree focuses on peace and conflict studies.


The Master in Conflict, Peace and Security of UNITAR and the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) is aimed to professionals working in regional and international institutions (United Nations, African Union, European Union), as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations. Students, researchers, polititians, professionals involved in peace operations and any person with responsibilities interested in solving conflicts both interpersonal and global will find in this course innovative methods of conflict management.


A student-centered, multidisciplinary approach, in which the workplace is used as the main learning environment. UNITAR and UOC have developed an extensive expertise in the delivery of online programmes.

Using Internet as a medium, students, practitioners and scholars are brought together in a unique virtual learning environment designed to valorize experiential and collaborative learning.

Distinctive features of the Master include:

  • Full online delivery, allowing for a flexible schedule designed to fit the specific needs of full-time working professionals;
  • Student-centered approach, in which the learner and the learning experience are at the core of the programme;
  • Leading-edge insights into prevailing theories and practices;
  • Lifelong learning approach, in which the workplace is used as the main learning environment;
  • Multi-cultural pedagogy, particularly attentive at the diversity of paradigms, perceptions and intellectual traditions;
  • Multi-disciplinary approach.


Students benefit from an experienced faculty of scholars and practitioners, peer-to-peer collaboration, and a curriculum that reflects current theory and practice.

UN.002             Introduction to Peace Operations
UN.003             History of United Nations Peace Operations
UN.000             Understanding Conflict and Conflict Analysis
UN.001             Conflict Resolution
B1.044              Media and Peacebuilding
B1.042              Philosophy of Peace
B1.048              Deconstructing War
B1.045              Crisis Management
UN.004             Human Security
B1.046              Economy and Conflict
B1.055              Project Armed Conflicts and Crisis Management
B1.051              Non Violence
B1.049              Intercultural/Ethnic Conflict and the Management of Diversity
B1.054              Business Ethics
B1.050              Family Mediation
B1.052              Business Mediation
B1.101              Mandate Evaluation
B1.053              Implementation of Conflict Strategy in Workplace and Commercial Conflicts
B1.700              Master's final project

The Master in Conflict, Peace and Security is awarded upon completion of 60 ECTS.

The Master in Conflict, Peace and Security is a UOC Certified Master’s Degree, awarded according to the rules and regulations set by the Spanish education system. Giving its specificity, it does not give general access to Doctoral studies (Ph.D. and similar). Validation of credits for access to such programmes can be requested from competent institutions. For more information, students should contact

Students may alternatively opt for a specialization certificate (Specialization in Crisis Management or Specialization in Armed Conflicts) upon completion of 15 credits or a post-graduate certificate (Post-graduate Certificate in Armed Conflicts and Crisis Management) upon completion of 30 credits.


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