Date: 28 October 2009

Venue: Permanent Observer Mission of the African Union to the United Nations

Coordinator: Mr. Olivier Portoff


The workshop is an advanced-module under the 2009 Negotiation Series, building on the introductory course on Effective Negotiation in Multilateral Conferences.

This workshop aims to equip delegates with the required background knowledge and practical insights to approach chairing situations with enhanced confidence and the necessary skills set. To this end, it will:

  • Provide participants with an appreciation of the role of presiding officers, by exploring both the procedural role of chairpersons as well as their responsibilities in relation to the substantive outcome of conferences;

  • Equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge to enable them to confidently chair the meetings by covering both formal requirements and insider “tricks of the trade”;

  • Offer room for peer-to-peer discussion on key challenges when facilitating negotiations or consultations at the expert level;

  • Sensitize participants to common chairing and facilitator mistakes, and steer them towards strategies that have proven successful in this field.

Working Langugage: English

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