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The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) is pleased to announce the launch of its Master Programme of Advanced Studies in cooperation with the University of Geneva, the Center for European Legal Studies (CEJE) and the Global Studies Institute (GSI) to take place in January 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Master of Advanced Studies allows graduates and professionals from various backgrounds to enhance their skills by providing them with high-level scientific and interdisciplinary expertise in the field of European and International Governance.

The programme prepares participants for a wide range of careers in international organisations and European institutions as well as for careers in a national or local environment dealing with global issues.

Designed to provide the students with a deep understanding of international relations backed by an in-depth knowledge of the political, economic, social and legal aspects of governance, the programme allows them to acquire the ability to analyze current affairs and evaluate today’s challenges with an expert eye and act accordingly.

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Choose European and International Governance in Geneva for:

  • A Unique Learning Experience Combining European and International Affairs
  • Interdisciplinary Excellence at the University of Geneva and Cooperation with UNITAR
  • Acquisition of Skills Indispensable for Future Leaders

After two core modules that tackle the functioning of the United Nations system and the European Union as a global actor, the Programme covers a wide set of thematic courses such as human rights and migration, maintenance and promotion of international peace and security, international trade, health and environment. It also offers research and professional perspectives (including an internship) as well as a thematic specialisation through achievement of a professional project or writing of a Master’s thesis.

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