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18 December 2013, New York, USA - On the occasion of International Migrants Day (18 December) when the hundreds of millions of international migrants around the world are celebrated for their courage and contributions, and when the global community dedicates time and attention to related issues of rights and responsibilities, the United Nations Global Migration Group (GMG) in which UNITAR is a member, has released the following statement, highlighting the need to include the issue of human mobility in the new universal development agenda that

is taking form and which will carry forward the objectives of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that are to expire in 2015.  

The GMG's Statement delivered on 18 December emphasises that within the post 2015 UN Development Agenda:

1. migrants and migration should be incorporated in the targets and indicators of the specific development goals;

2. the human and labour rights of migrants and members of their families should be respected, protected and fulfilled;

3. migration should become part of a new “global partnership for development”.  

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