Strengthen Multilateralism

Empower delegates for effective participation in intergovernmental debates and decision-making

Promote Economic Development and Social Inclusion

Strengthen Capacities for Trade, Finance, Investment and Intellectual Property

Advance Environmental Sustainability and Green Development

Strengthening Capacities to Foster a Green, Low-Carbon and Climate Resilient Transition

Promote Sustainable Peace

Strengthen Capacities of Member States, UN and Regional Organizations to Prevent and Resolve Conflict, and Build Peace

Improve Resilience and Humanitarian Assistance

Leverage Technology to Generate Geospatial Information and Create Integrated Solutions for Human Security, Peace and Socio-Economic Development

Cross-cutting Issues

UNITAR provides training on a wide range of themes. Some themes can be described as “cross-cutting” as they are common to the work of most, if not all, of the Institute’s programmes.