23 September 2013, Plock - The quality of transportation has effects on human health and well-being, in particular through their impact on the air quality and noise, the possibilities for healthy exercise in the form of walking and cycling, the level of road accidents, social cohesion, and many others.Promoting sustainable and safe urban transport in urban areas is a priority area for any government.

UNITAR's training center in Poland- CIFAL Plock is hosting the international conference "Sustainable and Safe Urban Transport" aimed at building knowledge and exchanging ideas and strategies for sustainable urban transport and mobility. In particular, examples of practical solutions implemented in some cities will be presented in the fields of clean fuels, traffic management, non-motorized mobility, high quality public transport and integration with other sectors. Possibilities of financing environmentally sustainable modes of transport will be discussed. The conference is taking place in Plock on 23-24 September bringing together local authorities, NGOs, urban transport experts and representatives from academia.

For more informationl, please visit www.cifal.pl