24 June, Geneva. The first edition of the e-learning course “Introduction to Sustainable Consumption and Production in Asia” will take place from 01 September -24 October 2014. The course is developed jointly by UNEP and UNITAR, under the framework of the SWITCH-Asia Programme.

Participants will learn about different concepts and facets of the SCP, as well as regional, national and sector-specific challenges and opportunities to implement policies for SCP. Additionally, participants will begin to develop basic skills for applying the SCP concept in a real world economic, policy and professional context. After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define the concept of SCP and explain its value for sustainable development;
  • Distinguish key elements of effective policy planning in support of SCP;
  • Identify enabling conditions for mainstreaming and implementing SCP policies in national governance;
  • Discuss principal challenges and opportunities for advancing SCP in national contexts;
  • Summarize the range of global and regional initiatives to support the mainstreaming of SCP in national governance;
  • Apply SCP to a real-life policy-making context

The course pedagogy is adapted to professionals in full-time work. Total number of learning hours: 32 over 8 week period.

With support from the UNEP SWITCH Asia Project, 40 fellowships are available for participants from the Asia and Pacific region working in the public sector, academia or NGOs.

For non-eligible participants the course participation fee is 600 USD.

Register at: https://www.unitar.org/event/introduction-sustainable-consumption-and-production-asia

Contact: envgov@unitar.org