10 December 2013, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – UNITAR, through its Hiroshima Office, trained 20 representatives of the civil service of Afghanistan on small and medium enterprise (SME) development in a workshop which took place in Abu Dhabi between 30 November and 5 December. The workshop brought together senior government officials from Kabul, including two Vice-Ministers, and their counterparts from several provinces, which allowed for in-depth discussion covering a range of issues from policy to implementation.

The workshop was developed in collaboration with the Afghanistan Civil Service Institute, UNDP Afghanistan, Ministry of Commerce and Industries of Afghanistan, Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan, and ProFound. The objectives of the workshop included strengthening an understanding of:

  • SME entrepreneurship and leadership
  • SME development in the Afghan context
  • SME development in a rural context
  • Tools and services that are available to support and develop SME entrepreneurship and business in Afghanistan
  • Stakeholder identification and integration
  • Effective management of change

The workshop incorporated presentations, in-depth practical exercises and study tours, and will be followed up with a secondary session in three months, which will examine implementation of the training provided with all participants.